The Colors in our Home

I’m always getting asked what paint colors we used on our walls so I finally decided to do a post on it. 4 years later, I’m still loving our walls and at the end of this post, I’ll let you in on how we chose such awesome colors!
All paint is by Benjamin Moore.

 Entrance hallway: 2134-30 Iron Mountain

I wanted to use this very dramatic charcoal-y color for the entryway. My intention was to hang sconces and have a black and white picture wall but I never got around to it. Maybe next year…
Oh and excuse our pug, Turtle and my dear daughter in her underwear (to my defense, we were potty training!)
Living Room: 1468 Willow Creek
This neutral gray provides the perfect balance between modern and warm.
Okay fine fine! So what if I used an old, pre-baby picture of our living room? Sad to say, this room looks very different post-baby.
Master Bedroom: 2108-50 Silver Fox
Another neutral, warm gray.
Both Bathrooms (powder room shown): 1632 Glass Slipper
I wanted a soothing, calming blue for the bathrooms.
Guest Room/Office turned into Nursery: AC-32 Pismo Dunes
We chose this neutral beige when this space served as an office but it actually works just as nicely in A’s nursery. For more nursery pics, click here.
Picking paint colors is a hugely difficult task for a newbie (such as myself). The color always looks completely different when it’s on a huge wall, as opposed to a tiny swatch. 
So…we went to one of our favorite furniture stores, Room & Board. I’d always admired the paint in their mock up rooms. So, I asked a sales associate and she said to write down my favorites and she would give me the swatches. Voila! Beautiful, foolproof paint choices!
Do you have a paint related story? I want to hear them all…the good, the bad, and the ugly!

DIY Refinishing and Reupholstering a Stool

Last summer, I spent the weekend in South Haven, Michigan and came across a fantastic antique store called Murphy’s Mall! Click here to read that post.
 This stool was an $18 find and I was excited and nervous to take on my first, big DIY refinishing project.
Having seen countless shows on HGTV and read many blog posts on reupholstering benches and stools, I thought “How hard could it be? A few staples here and there, flip it over, and voila!”.  To my dismay, I brought my stool home to find that there was no cushion that simply “popped” off.  The fabric was adhered to the wooden stool using nailheads.  In the words of Usher, “Oh my gosh!”

I purchased paint, paintbrushes, filling (the original one was about 50 years old and adequately filthy), nailheads, an Amy Butler fabric and with a wish and a prayer, I got to work.

The end result is nowhere near impressive and I came across many road bumps along my way but isn’t the journey itself sometimes more important than the destination? It was a learning experience (make sure the cushion can pop out!!), I had fun and I ended up with a not necessarily hideous stool to add to my home.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.
What’s the biggest DIY project you’ve taken on??

SF/Napa Trip Photo Recap

Hubbie and I indulged in a trip out west just by ourselves.  Baby A was in good hands with her grandmother and we let ourselves be carefree youngsters once again..if only for several days.  While we did miss our beautiful daughter, we truly savored all the little luxuries you give up after having children.  We slept in as long as we wanted (although most mornings, it was around 8 am!), we ate our meals at leisure without having to feed or entertain anyone else, and we went and did as we pleased without thinking of snacks, nap schedules (other than our own!) or dirty diapers.  Here are some of our trip highlights!
We loved the farmer’s market in the Ferry Building! This was Miette Bakery.  They had huge macarons and unexpectedly delicious ginger cupcakes!

Delicious dinner at Baker & Banker with dear friends. 

BEST fish & chips ever (and that’s saying a lot since I lived in London for 4 months) at FISH in Sausalito

I know it’s very touristy but I was very into the Alcatraz audio tour.  Fascinating…especially the escape stories!

Vietnamese style deep fried crab at PPQ. Yum!

The lobby of our hotel in Napa (Avia).  I liked that it had so much personality.  It felt more like a really interesting person’s living room than a hotel lobby. 

Our room in Napa. Beautiful!

Barnett Winery: The highlight from our winery visits because of how unique and private the tour/tasting was.

An amazing meal! We tried to go back the next night but it was closed.  Yeah.  It was that good.

Happy hour at Hog Island Oyster Co.  $1 Oysters and $3.50 pints…perfect way to end the trip after too much wine.  Beer never tasted so good!

I have a thing for chairs…

I love all kinds of beautiful furniture but nothing gets me more excited than a good chair.  1 perfect chair could bring so much excitement into an otherwise drab room.  Here are some of my fave styles…

1. These are 2 of my current obsessions!
I love the playfulness of the chair. Design shouldn’t be so serious.
I am obsessed with antique furniture restored in some modern way either with paint, upholstery, or rubber in this case!

2. Have always and will always love my mid century classics!

(Still not sure how I got Hubbie to agree to this purchase but I’m just glad he did. This is a true classic and I can’t wait to see how it ages!)
So beautiful! They’re like functional sculptures.
Do you have a favorite chair? or am I the only chair junkie around…

Best Candle Ever!

Capri Blue Volcano Candle
$28, Anthropologie

I was never a big candle person until I got a whiff of this one. It is divine! I always have at least 3 or 4 dispersed around my home, ensuring that each room is smelling it’s very best no matter what I made for dinner.

Colin Cowie once said that scented candles make great gifts and to just have a bunch already beautifully wrapped so you can just grab and go when you’re in need of a quick gift. I took what he said to heart and have given this as a gift numerous times. Thanks Colin!

Next to each of my Capri Blue Volcano’s, I have these gorgeous peacock matchboxes from The White Attic. The White Attic is a fantastic store in Bucktown & Andersonville that has refinished vintage furniture. Their pieces are so unique and beautifully done. They look brand new, except with a ton of character! These matchboxes look a lot better than the random restaurant matchbooks I used to use.

I know it’s a bit pricier than the average candle but it lasts a long time and it smells that good.