Cable Sweater & Brocade Pants

Zara sweater (similar)  |  Zara brocade pants (similar)  |  Schutz pumps  |  Celine bag  |  Cartier watch  |  Giles & Brother cuff

This cable sweater has been a real workhorse for the last couple of months.  I love how the comfy, chunky knit brings whatever it’s paired with down to earth, whether it be leather leggings or brocade pants.

In other news, we started watching Homeland a few days ago and we are absolutely hooked.  Is anyone else watching this right now?



  1. omg i LOVE your pants, they are so perfect for fall. amazing styling. xO!

  2. love it! looking classy and gorgeous xo

  3. love it! looking classy and gorgeous xo

  4. Claire Danes is so amazing! We’re on season 2 and it’s CRAAAAZYYYY!!!!!

  5. Very cute pants and shoes! Hehe…oh A. she’s giving the stink eye!

  6. hahaha i love A’s expression and seeing half of D’s body. you’re looking good as usual!

  7. So cute! I am obsessed with Homeland and finally caught up with Season 1.

  8. i have the same sweater and i love it, EXCEPT when it snags onto my jewelry. already snagged it twice within one day. but i still wear it all the time :)

  9. Esther: Agreed! It snags so easily! It was actually already snagged when I tried it on at the store but I really liked the look and the price tag so I bought it anyway.

  10. I love Homeland. Best show ever…did you know that the actor who plays Brody is British?

  11. i absolutely LOVE the sweater with the pants. you look adorable! xx

  12. I am so jealous! I want those pants!

  13. I wear my cable knit sweater all the time in the winter. It’s the perfect piece to throw on and run out the door. I wear it a lot with skinny jeans, maxi skirts, and fun pants (like yours!)

  14. Cable knits will always be my fall-winter wardrobe go-to if only LA will allow it…You look great in it! Thanks for your wonderful comment in my blog & hope to see more of you here & at my blog too!!


  15. I have a very similar sweater that I’m wearing today :). I am jealous of your outdoor space.

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