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DIY celine t-shirt  |  Rag & Bone/Target collaboration cardigan

Points of discussion:

– Black & White: While Spring usually brings upon the predictable pastels and florals, I’m loving how black & white is huge for Spring 2013.  How easy is this trend? Everyone owns black and white items that can be combined to create a completely on trend look without spending a dime. Love that!

– Celine DIY t-shirt: I fell in love with this Celine t-shirt 5 months ago and started this DIY.  Unfortunately, the fabric marker was awful and I ended up abandoning the project.  I finally got around to finishing it last week with a new and improved marker.  While it’s not perfect (actually, please refrain from staring closely at the letters!), I’m satisfied with the end result.  If anyone wants more info on this DIY, leave me a comment and I’ll do a post on it.
– Rag & Bone/Target Cardigan: I really wanted this cardigan the minute I saw it but who can spend $70 on any article of clothing that has a Target bulls-eye on it? When it went on clearance, I couldn’t find my size anywhere until a friend tipped me off that they were selling them at Neiman Marcus online too! I ended up getting the boys XL for $14 and free shipping.  Love the masculine, grandfather look and have been throwing it over everything.  I got one for hubby too.  Twinsies!
– L.A.M.B. shoes: I wrote about these shoes here and I was elated when I found them in black.  But when I received them, they were a half size too big and I wasn’t happy about paying full price.  I was contemplating returning them when a friend called from an outlet store and said they had them in tons of sizes and they were on sale for $180 ($100 cheaper than what I had paid!) I seriously have the best friends! Thanks M!!
– Chanel bag: I took this bag (Chanel Coco Cabas) out of the archives for the first time in years.  I got this bag 6-7 years ago and it was my favorite for quite some time.  Lost touch but think it’s about time to get reacquainted with my old friend. Thoughts?
So sorry for the longest post ever but there was so much to discuss! Please leave me any comments, questions, feedback so this isn’t a really sad, one-sided, long-winded conversation I’m having with myself. Happy Monday!


  1. I love how you styled the cardi! ;) Can we do a DIY t-shirt tutorial next time I see you? I think the Celine one turned out great!

  2. Great outfit! The t-shirt looks great and I love the shoes so feminine! You got a great deal. Umm the bag is Chanel – LOVE, enough said! :-)

  3. wow can’t believe u found the lambs for 180!!!! that is so awesome! love this whole outfit- its totally me keke. gorg! xO!

  4. Classic! I love black and white. And yes, please do a post on the DIY shirt. I would love to replicate it!

  5. this is such a cool look — and those heels are killer on you! xo

  6. do you really love the citizen leatherette jeans that much?! i saw them at aritzia but passed cuz of the price.. is it worth it?! what’s the cheapest i can find them in?

  7. Chris: love them soo much! They are soo comfy and slightly higher waisted which makes all the difference.

  8. The fashion and Trends in this blog is good. And i really love it so much . I love the heels esp. the white t-shirt .

  9. Love the outfit, but the shoes are killer. They make your feet look soo sexy!!

  10. Will you be posting the DIY for your Celine shirt any time soon?

  11. vintagemint: So sorry! In one of my posts, I wrote a quick recap of how I did it. Basically, I printed out the logo and then put the logo under the front of the shirt.I traced it with a pencil and then went over it and filled it in with a fabric marker. That’s pretty much it!


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