BaubleBar Top Picks

I mentioned last week that the Today Show did a feature on neon for spring. During that segment, Ann Curry put on an eye-catching necklace. I kept thinking of the necklace until I finally decided to google it and came across BaubleBar. They feature a lot of jewelry seen on celebrities and in magazines and everything is very affordable. Here are my top picks! You can tell I’m on a neon kick because 3 of my 7 picks are highlighter shades.

1. Pyramid Studs $28, A tiny little stud with a lot of attitude
2. Grace Earrings $184, A stunning compliment to your LBD
3. Phospho Necklace $38, The Ann Curry necklace!
4. Crayola Links Necklace $26, Fun and playful
5. Inverted Dome Ring $46, Seen on Gwyneth Paltrow
6. Acid Antoinette Earrings $72, An intricate, ornate pair in a shocking hue
7. Square Bangle Trio $24, Classic bangles in an updated shape
Right now, you can get $10 off your first order and free shipping so I was able to order the Phospho necklace for $28 shipped! Which is your fave of my picks or if you’ve been to the site, what are some of your faves??


  1. Love that Phospho necklace too! Can’t wait to see how you style it.

  2. I will take one of each! ;) Lovely pics, and very affordable!

  3. Anonymous N says:

    Hi, not sure if this is only happening to me but whenever I visit your website it doesnt load, im an international reader living accross the pond. BUT, when I hide my VPN and visit your site from a US server I dont have any problems at all, your website loads instantly. Just thought I would give you a heads up.

  4. Anonymous: oh no! I have no idea why it’s doing that. When did this start happening?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just bought that necklace too! Won’t ship til may though? I can’t waittttt. Hope it’s as nice in person as it looked on Ann Curry :)

  6. Amazing finds! I am in love with the neon yellow necklace and those earrings are so beautiful!

  7. My favorite is #3 too!
    these bright spring colors makes me happy~

    Vanilla Day

  8. I was so excited about this site when you posted it and I checked it out….. but then was so sad when I realized that they don’t ship to Canada….yet. Boo! This always happens! Jeez we’re so close and it seems to be such a big deal I assume it is all about the duty charges.

  9. i LOVE BB!

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