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Checked out the Gilt Groupe Warehouse Sale this past Saturday. Tickets were sold ahead of time on Gilt City for $5. There were four time slots (10am, 12pm, 2pm, & 4pm) but by the time we logged on, only the 2 and 4 pm time slots were left.
So, we got there at 2 pm and pickings were very slim. I kept wondering what kinds of steals I missed out on from the morning. After much digging, I found a couple things worth getting!
This Lauren Moffatt top for $35! Cannot wait to bust this out in the summer!

and these Cynthia Vincent sandals for $35 (down from $235)!
The friend I went with left empty handed and decided that she really doesn’t enjoy shopping this way. While sample/warehouse sales, with piles of wrinkled clothes everywhere and a corner with a mirror for a dressing room, are not my favorite way to shop, I’ll always go for the chance of finding a deal. It’s actually kind of thrilling when you find a great piece at an even greater price!

Do you like bargain hunting? Or would you rather pay more for a comfortable shopping experience?



  1. Oh, I think I’m in love with all of it! Well shopped. I love a bargain! xx

  2. This sounds awesome…wish San Antonio had more of this type of thing!

  3. I used to absolutely LOVE sample sale shopping when we lived in LA. I wish I went to the Gilt sale, but tickets sold out so fast. I also wish we had more of them in Chicago.

  4. great deals especially on the Sandals! Loves it!! I’m not a fan of sample sale shopping tho because I NEVER FIND MY SIZE!!

  5. I love sample type of sales. As long as they are organized. You would never find those deals otherwise.

  6. Baby Shopaholic: I’m afraid this one was not organized at all! I really had to dig around in piles of stuff. But still worth it for me!

  7. such great finds! i have to be in the mood for shopping experiences like this…


  8. Awesome! I had no idea gilt did warehouse sales! I love looking at Gilt every afternoon but haven’t bought anything yet…. Though one day I plan on taking advantage of it. :-)

  9. Those wedges are gorgeous – and an awesome deal!

    I always love a good deal – waiting for sales, using promo codes etc…but I don’t like “competitive shopping” …I hate having to hunt and fight for bargains…I’d rather pay a little more and not have to compete – but that’s just my personality.

    I admire those who have the talent and skill to get great deals :-)

  10. Oooo, I wish I had known about this!!!!

    I love bargain hunting. The steals make the hassle worth it :)

  11. That top is adorable! And I am definitely a bargain hunter, being in school I have to be. Sadly they don’t have sample sales anywhere near here, but I would love to go to one.

  12. Cool…i actually like bargain hunting…but wopuld def do a personal experience too

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  13. Eeek! I don’t know…I love bargains BUT it has to be minus all the hoopla that seem to come with sample/flash sales.

  14. the thrill of hunting! i love it! but it is really disappointing when there is nothing left for you.

    Just Better Together

  15. Anonymous says:

    I would to find stuff for me but for kids’ stuff especially toys (over the holidays especially), I’d rather pay more than attempt to deal with the mad Toys R Us rush at the checkout lines

  16. Lol! I got those same sandals!

  17. From gilt too!

  18. Those sandals are such a great steal. OMG!

  19. I love a bargain – I don’t really care where I find it but when I do it is the best!

  20. sharon sf says:

    great finds jiye !

  21. Great finds!!! I especially love the shoes, wow!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I like your picks! I would LOOOVE to go to one of these… I wish I had heard about this! I live in Grand Rapids and the two hour drive would have definitely been worth it! (Even if it is $20 just to PARK in Chicago…grrr…)
    I would choose shopping this way over buying the same brands at retail price ANY DAY. But only because I can’t afford those brands or buy them when they are at retail price haha…
    If I could afford it then I might but… I am 22 and don’t see that day in my future anytime soon… :)

  23. Hi there darling! lovely post! is there anyone that DOESNT like bargain hunting:o I can’t imagine haha:) Love your buys:)we’re hosting a GIVEAWAY on our blog by the way! Come and take a look:) Participate if you like! It’s open to everyones:)

    Farah @ FashionFabrice.

    Have a FABULOUS day:)

  24. Thank you for the review! I was wondering how this sale went. I love bargain hunting but I often lose patience for the process.

  25. Gilt has warehouse sales?!?! Wow! Lucky!

    How’s it going? Motherhood is so fun but keeps me so busy!!! I feel like there’s no time for anything… espcially blogging. I’m going to try to get back into it though. Hope you’ve been well.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Where are you? I’m waiting for an update :)

  27. Hi guys!

    So sorry…I will definitely be posting new updates this week!

  28. I was wondering where you were too!

  29. nothing like a greeat bargain especially one like $235 down to 35, wow..
    cool page! new follower..hope u can stop my page soon also :-)

    p.s. i love the name of your blog!

  30. I’m so jealous for your Cynthia Vincent sandals. What a steal!!


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