Baby A’s Looks

These go back several months but better late than never, right?
Crewcuts shirt, Baby gap jorts :)
Audrey earns her keep around the house.  Here she is swiffering.
Gymboree tank, American Apparel cardigan, DKNY jeggings, Ugg boots


  1. Oh! She’s adorable in her little Ugg boots and cardigan!

  2. AHHH, stylish baby alert! LOL already with a swiffer mop? Starting her early on housechores, hmmm? =0P

  3. she is too cute, i can’t even take it :) i have a boy so i don’t get to have as much fun in the clothes dept.
    thanks for the info on your paint color. i lived in the hyde park area for 5 years and before that in s. loop.

  4. Oh gosh that second is Too cute.

  5. Oh word, she is just precious!!! Way to get her swiffering at such a young age hehe

  6. Wow! That baby has got some style <3



  7. SO cute!!! Ive got to get those jeggings for my daughter!

  8. Ah, what sweet and adorable children – they are so nicely dressed, too.

  9. Can you say ADORABLE?? And look at that hair… precious!

  10. Oh wow, that cardigan and Uggs outfit is so cute on your daughter!

  11. What a darling little fashionista! Although I’m not surprised she’s so stylish and beautiful, since she has you for a mother. ;)

  12. I love this girl!! Look at what a great little helper she is…and such a stylish one too :)

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I’m jealous of A’s clothes! Could that cardigan be ANY cuter?

  14. She is sooo adorable! Found your blog from Really Petite!

    Love it!


    20 York Street

  15. Audrey is SO cute! Definitely a mini-fashionista in the making ;)

  16. Aww! She’s so stylin’!

  17. she is reeeeally cute ^_________^

  18. She is soooo cute! I love the baby UGGs! We have a 1-year old boy so no fun clothes for us :P

  19. She is such a doll! So cute :) You dress her very well!

  20. She is so darling!

  21. So flippin cute!

  22. oh my word! Is she not the cutest thing ever!


  23. what is it with kids and mops… they sort of love dragging them around…

  24. CUTE BABY!


  25. So cute! Love the pink Uggs!! I bought a pair for my cousin’s daughter for xmas and they are adorable. :)

  26. Aww, what an adorably stylin’ little baby! Crewcuts is my fav, I wish they came in my size!!

  27. awww she seriously is a stylin baby! Love Love it!

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