Aztec Skirt Lookbook!

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I recently got to wear my Aztec sequin skirt that I got 3 months ago. As much as I adore these fun pieces, I’ll admit they’re not that practical for my lifestyle as a stay at home mom. I’m not sure if this bedazzled micro-mini would be welcome at the playground. But a girlfriend’s bachelorette party? What could be better?

Since the skirt has so much going on with the print and the sequins, I kept the rest of the look simple and pared down. I love how a gorgeous embellished skirt looks with just a plain t-shirt casually tucked into it. I only tucked one corner of the shirt in and left the rest down. Isn’t it ironic how much effort goes in to making outfits look easy and thrown on? I think I tucked and untucked the shirt at least a handful of times. It’s like how people use all kinds of products and tools to create messy bedhead hair!

Leaving for France in exactly 1 week!! Excited and nervous. Would love more tips and suggestions on either France and/or traveling with kids!



  1. I love that skirt! At first look I thought it was from All Saints – it looks just like a skirt I’ve seen there, but love even more that it’s from Express!

  2. That skirt is gorgeous! You’re going to France?! How exciting, can’t wait to see photos!

  3. Love that skirt!

    Have a great trip!!!

  4. that skirt is BRILLIANT! i love it

  5. Gorgeous! Didn’t you just have a second baby? Doesn’t show AT ALL!

  6. I think it’s really pretty! I love how you made it the focus, and then used black to neutralize it.

  7. How exciting for France! Have a great time!

  8. I love it! You styled it great by keeping the rest simple. :)

  9. Hi!I followed you in IG and just came up to your blog, it’s so nice.^^

  10. simply gorgeous.. wow!

  11. Totally perfection for a gals night out! It’s just such a fabulous piece, how could you pass it up, right? I have to admit that I have quite a few pieces in my closet that don’t see the light of day often…dang those kiddos! (c:

  12. I recently got bought that skirt from express along with another one in black just different pattern! I had to buy two!!! They are absolutely gorgeous and I can not wait to ware them! It looks amazing on you and I love how you paired it with a simple black blouse and boots!

    Awesome blog!
    I’ll follow :)

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