A’s Soccer Party!

All paper goods by GreenApplePaperie. She custom designed cupcake toppers, favor tags, invites, thank you cards, banners, water bottle labels, utensil wrappers, and food labels for $20! Unbelievable!
Mini cupcakes from Luscious Layers. Unfortunately, this was the low point of the party. The frosting was made to look like grass but looked weird and was rock hard. The cupcakes were also so dry that people couldn’t believe they were from a bakery and I even saw someone take 1 bite and throw the rest away. Sorry guests!!
Favor for the kids: organic lollipops and pororo (a Korean cartoon) toys.
Favors for the adults: Almond Chocolate Toffee Crunchies (recipe from here)
Big thanks to my sis-in-law, Sarah and my friend, Temi for helping make these!
Listening to instructions for warm up!
A’s turn to kick the ball into the goal. Go Audrey Go! Go Audrey Go!
Building towers out of cones so the kids can kick them down.
Games ended with bubbles, parachute and stamps. Yay!
Utensil wrappers and pink napkins to go with the pink and green theme.
Pizza, pasta and juice, oh my!
After dinner, the kiddies spent the rest of the party on the jumpy house or this slide.
Picture with dear gomo (aunt in Korean) visiting from Korea. Check out her awesome food blog here.

We threw her party at Lil Kickers where A takes soccer classes. It was so much fun and the coaches were amazing with the kids as always! Highly recommend parties here! Where was the best place or best theme party you ever had or threw for your little one?



  1. wow, A must have had so much fun. I love the decor and favors! oh and A has just about the cutest profile ever :)

  2. oh no! i love luscious layers! they did K’s hippo bday cake – looked great & tasted good (not great), but still loved it. can’t believe the labels were under $20! what a steal! everything looked adorable! :)

  3. this is one amazing party :)


  4. Holy cow, this is AMAZING!!! Okay, I’m getting a severe inferiority complex right now. :)

    What an awesome job you did and great pictures too! She’s going to have fantastic memories!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom’s Closet

  5. Wow, that looks amazing and so much fun. A is soooo adorable!

  6. Oh my goodness everything looks perfect! I am sure she had so much fun and it is all so adorable! When I have kids one day, I hope I can pull of as cute of a party!

  7. That looks like quite an awesome party! Sorry the cupcakes were a disappointment but looks like everything else was so awesome it probably didnt matter much.

  8. wow, i can’t believe all that paper was $20! That is an amazing deal!

    A is so adorable!

    Just Better Together

  9. cow tongue soup says:

    the real highlight of the day was getting the deal on the bouncy house.

  10. Too cute!! I love the way you did all the favors.

  11. Sooo cute! Love little A and her adorable red lips, eeek! I loved parachute as a kid.

    Oh, and I’m so making those toffee treats this weekend. :)

  12. Aside from crappy cupcakes it looks like a true success! Wish I had started blogging when my girls were little… Now they just want money :(
    So cute! Good job mom!!!

  13. that is such a fun party! might throw aston a soccer party too in may :))

    happy bday A!

  14. A’s party looks so much fun! I love her outfit too. So adorable and stylish! You are also making me want to have a baby girl :)

  15. Awww super cute party idea! Happy Bday A!!!

  16. The almond toffee crunchies were soo good! I did more taste testing than help. =) You pulled off a fabulous party!

  17. so so cute! great party for little A ;)


  18. this is so ridiculously cute!! i think her birthday is cooler than my last birthday party!

  19. WOW can you throw my kids parties.. I want all that perfection please :)

  20. aww, happy birthday to A! Can’t believe she’s already 2!!!

  21. happy birthday to the little one, looks like it was a fun party, i can’t believe you got custom designed goods for $20! i just checked out your aunt’s blog — amazing! i’m following her now too :-)

  22. Such a cute party! That sucks about the cupcakes :(

  23. What a great theme for a birthday party.

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