All Black Ensemble

I bought these Fremont shorts at a sample sale for around $35. I had never heard of the label but I loved the suspenders, high waist and good fit. As I was writing this post, I searched for the item and was excited to see that it currently retails for $336 online! Yay for deals! 

I tend to wear a lot of darker colors in the Winter. I’m trying to incorporate more color into my life wardrobe but I failed once again. What colors are you naturally drawn to?


  1. I love it when all-black is done right. Done wrong, you can look totally goth. But like this? You look nothing but fashion forward! Love it!!

  2. I think there is an overemphasis on color lately…I think all black ensembles can look very sleek and don’t necessarily require additional accent pieces that offer a pop of color. I mean…I personally love wearing color because I can’t pull off all black. I love your outfit and think it’s gorgeous!

    Fast Food & Fast Fashion

  3. I totally agree with rebecca, black done right look utterly sexy & stylish.

  4. I didn’t realize I tend to be drawn toward black and grey when I had my outfits all laid out for the next week and a half ( leaving tonight for christmas in iowa) and the hubby walked in and asked how many funerals I was going i had to throw in some deep purples and colored tights to brighten it up a little bit.

  5. Love the jacket! And doesn’t it feel so good when you know you got a killer deal on something?! Love that. xo

  6. I’m naturally drawn to black. Everything matches with black right?

    Just Better Together

  7. Soooo cute dear!

  8. This is so classy and beautiful.

  9. I think an all black look can be great if it is done right. Interesting textures make or break it, and I think you look great! That bag is so cute. Yay for good deals!

  10. Ohh I love the look! OMG I wish I had that Chanel purse! Hehe!

  11. grey for me all the way… you look amazing in head to toe black! i think i have said this before…. but i will say it again.. those boots are delicious!


  12. Gorgeous! I just love the purse!! xoxo

  13. I love your jacket! This outfit is so cute!

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  14. So classy and sophisticated. You look great!

  15. I love this outfit – very chic!

  16. love your posts! i love your chair, i was wondering if you can tell me where did you purchase the Knoll chair and the pricing of the chair. thanks!

  17. all black is a very classic look and i like the fact that the shorts have suspenders! very trendy and what a steal too! :)

  18. Tales of a young mamma: That’s hilarious! Sounds like something my hubbie would say!

    Anonymous: Thanks! The Eames lounge chair and ottoman were a huge splurge for us and I had to beg hubbie for months! His sister used to work in the industry so she got us her insider discount at the Herman Miller showroom at Merchandise Mart here in Chicago.

  19. Love this outfit! I would wear it. I tend to wear a lot of grey and black in the winter, with some deep greens & purples every now and then.

  20. Very classy.

  21. you look super tall and lean! black is awesome.. i tend to go towards black a lot

  22. This is one of my favorite looks =) I’d wear it weekly! love black on black on black <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  23. Very classy, LOVE it!

  24. you win the classy/elegant award in this one. love it! PS: the pillow in the pics is also way cool. love your style all around.

  25. looove your bag!!xx

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