Affordable Leather Skirt

Splendid t-shirt  |  Forever21 skirt  |  Chanel handbag  |  Zara necklace (similar) and shoes (similar)
A big Giuliana and Bill fan, I was excited to finally dine at their restaurant, RPM in Chicago.  No sightings though! I think they’re expecting their baby any day now.  Everything was delicious and it was the perfect setting for a girls night out.
I am dying for anything leather these days and I was so excited to find this faux leather skirt at Forever21 for $17!! They had several other options but they all looked really cheap, pleathery and shiny.  This one had a more subdued matte look and I liked the zipper and quilted detailing.  It fits great and is such an affordable way to try out the trend.  Order one online here before they sell out!! 


  1. such a great necklace! And LOVE the purse…super cute!

    Im doin’ a copper river camera bag giveaway I think you would love! Hope on over!


  2. Love the skirt and the bag!

  3. Love the look! I could never invest in a leather skirt – but a faux leather mini? Yes please :)

  4. That necklace is gorgeous.

  5. this is an amazing outfit! love the leather skirt x

  6. What a great leather skirt! Can’t believe you got it for $17. I’ll def be scouting F21 for it!

  7. oh you look fab…LOVE that necklace!

  8. Gorgeous! I love that skirt, I think the way you have worn it is perfect. The necklace is a great piece too!

  9. Love the necklace – the skirt really does look super-pricey & chic – such a great find!

  10. Love how simple yet stylish your outfits are.

  11. great your necklace, i love the look!!

    have a nice day honey!


  12. I’m in love with that necklace, so pretty!

  13. I could definitely use a leather skirt myself. Yours looks amazing on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. I’m a huge fan of them as well! I’d love to dine at their restaurant when I visit Chicago one day.

    I’ve had my share of leather skirts (some donated, some sold) and recently found a decent one on eBay. Like you, I love leather!

  15. Ooh cute necklace!!

  16. this skirt is adorable! i have been looking for one like this-amazing!


    Erin @

  17. Cute look! Loving your skirt and sandals! I’ve been obsessed with finding a leather skirt! Can’t believe you found yours at F21!


  18. This is a cute and simple outfit and that is a very affordable skirt! There are any great finds at forever21 but it just takes time.


  19. I love Guiliana and Bill! Cute skirt and I love your handbag :-)

    Dainty and Decadent

  20. Such a gorgeous necklace!! I love it!!

  21. the skirt could totally pass for real leather – nice find!
    Loving your statement necklace, it’s gorgeous!
    Chic on the Cheap

  22. As if the skirt is from Forever21! Couldn’t believe it when I first saw, haha!

    The necklace is gorgeous xx

  23. so edgy!! you are going to get me into leather too!

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