A Silly Little Lady!

About a week ago, I heard a squeal and ran over to find A stuck in the baby seat part of her toy grocery cart!  I tried to explain that it was a toy so only her toy baby could fit in there but I think  I lost her at “A, this is….blah blah blah…yadda yadda”
Here she is begging to be saved by daddy but meanwhile, continues to pull this antic off on a daily basis!
What are some of the silly things your kids are doing these days?


  1. Audrey is so cute!!!!!!!!! How old is she?

    My niece, Amelia (16 months,) has the same chair & her favorite Aunt got her the shopping cart (must start them out young) for her birthday. :-) While I don’t intend on having children in the near future, I can definitely see how much fun you ladies have bloggin about being mommies & I love reading about it! Could be that I consider myself Amelias second, much less important but still loved, mom. :)


  2. that is hysterical! Glad you took a picture!
    My 4 year old a month or so back inherited a 1982 barbie dream house from my cousin in perfect condition. My 4 year old and one year old were playing in the play room. (back story my one year old is a boy and isn’t small 27 pounds). I heard him crying I ran in to see what had happen….He crawled through the french doors of the barbie dream house and got stuck!!!!!!!! I had a heck of a time getting him out. I was afraid I would have to dismantle the house! LOL.

  3. the save me daddy shot is so adorable!!

  4. OMG A is too cute for words!!!! These moments can make your day.

  5. Ashley: A is 19 months old and it’s funny because A’s aunt bought her the shopping cart too! Amelia is lucky to have such a loving aunt!!

    Coolkids: That story is hilarious!! I wish you had pictures!

  6. mine is doing too much to even mention. your daughter is sooo cute!

  7. WHAT A CUTIE :-)!

  8. Oooohhhh I spot an Hermes box….

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