A New Purchase!

Goyard St. Louis Large PM Tote in Navy
Hubbie got me this special something for our anniversary! I was debating over the Chanel wallet-on-chain, Cartier mini love ring, or this Goyard. While I loved my Louis Vuitton neverfull, I was getting tired of seeing it everywhere I went. It’s a very popular bag, especially with the moms here in Chicago. While Goyard is a pretty common sight in New York and especially in Asia, I rarely see one in Chicago since we don’t have a store here. My sister has the exact same bag but we figure since she lives halfway across the world, it won’t matter much. We actually have duplicates of a lot of things!
I’m debating over whether I should sell my Neverfull or not. It seems like you can get a lot for used ones on ebay so I may consider it. I might post it on my blog first so if you’re interested, become a follower at Shop Pearls and Green Tea!


  1. This is lovely bag – (I must admid I haven’t seen it before) I think it goes perfectly with so many outfits!
    Have agreat weekend!

  2. Ooooo, great gift! Its always nice having something a little bit different than everyone else.

    I won/purchased the J Crew necklace and earrings for $50 for both pieces. Here is the seller:


  3. Are you planning on adding a diaper bag liner and using as a diaper bag? If so can you post how you do that? Thanks!

  4. This bag is beautiful! I agree that Goyard isn’t as common as other brands.

  5. I have bag envy for sure! Love your ani gift…that hubby is a keeper :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  6. Great gift! Love this bag! I love the neverfull too!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely LOVE the St. Louis Goyard. Nice choice in color as well. :) Glad to see you didn’t get it monogrammed or stripes… that’s kinda obnoxious? why???

    I’m getting sick of my diaper bag as well (Gucci Diaper Bag) and have been thinking about getting the St. Louis as well, but can’t decide on the PM or the GM. I want the PM since I don’t have as much stuff to lug around with my 1 year old, but then I’m eventually going to have another baby which then makes me wonder if I should get the GM… Is it just me or does the GM just look way too big? I also don’t like that the St. louis isn’t as structured as other totes, like the Neverfull… and then there’s the decision of what color to get… It’s crazy how much thought goes into choosing a damn diaper/handbag! Sigh… Maybe seeing you post some pix with your st. louis will push me to just pull the trigger and get one as well.

    Love, love your new purchase! Enjoy!

  8. Oh… Now I not only have clothes envy and jewelry envy but also bag envy! That is a great bag and I love seeing them around NY instead of the ubiquitous Longchamps.

  9. love love that color!

  10. Beautiful colour and choice! I understand your feeling about your LV – I have a speedy 25 in the monogram print – I chose it because it’s so classic (even Audrey Hepburn had one LOL!)…but now the mono print bothers me, and I wish I had chosen the damier ebene. However, I’ve read too many scary stories about selling on ebay to sell mine and buy the ebene one. If I was in the US, I’d probably take the chance and sell it on ebay with full mail protection (tracked, signed for etc).

    I’m such a bag-lover – I’d love to see a post on your bag collection – I love your Chanel flap and Balenciaga.

  11. Amazing! Soo happy for you! LOVE the navy! I am debating between that, green, orange and the black/tan… ha! Maybe the next time I’m in gay Paree~ ;) Enjoy it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    what is the bag made out of? what kind of material is it?

  13. What a gorgeous bag! Such a chic mama you are!

  14. that’s a gorgeous color!!! oooh, but the cartier mini sounds lovely too =). Hope to see you next week!

  15. omg u got !!!! lovee ~

  16. nice, what an interesting color, but its growing on me!

  17. Wow, What a great bag. You’re right the NF is everywhere, and it’s nice to have a bit of a change. I am debating getting the Chanel wallet in a chain myself, it’s so classic! Thanks so much for the post!

  18. Lovely tote! Enjoy wearing it!

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