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Mommy & Me Celine’s!

The nano and the mini Celine Luggage Totes
Doesn’t A look tres chic in her nano?
JUST KIDDING!! The nano was my sister’s purchase but we ended up getting the same color. When I put them side by side, the nano looked like the perfect scaled down version of the mini. So of course, I just had to get a pic of me & A rocking the bags. Excuse the “house clothes”. Does anyone else change into “house clothes” the minute they get home?
So, after going back and forth between several bags (Celine trapeze, Givenchy antigona, Proenza PS1), I finally decided on the luggage tote, which I had originally wanted from a year ago. I was hesitant for so long because I felt like it would be a perfect work bag, making it not practical for me since I don’t work. But I’m so glad I ended up with it. It’s definitely a classic looking bag that I can dress up or down and it’s roomy enough to fit all my baby stuff if need be.
People have been asking about pricing in Paris and yes, everything was significantly cheaper there…which is why I ended up with 3 bags. Yikes. So, the fall/winter mini luggage totes are currently pre-selling in the US for $2650. I got my luggage tote for $1745! Basically, $1000 cheaper!

The second bag I got was the large Longchamp tote in navy. I have a pink one from 10 years ago that I used in college and then as a work bag when I was a teacher. I also used it anytime I went swimming or to the gym. It folds up to the size of a large envelope so it’s perfect to throw in your suitcase when you’re traveling too. Anyway, the longchamp retails in the US for $145. I got it for $75!

And….for the third item, I picked up a teeny something from Chanel! Will share soon!

On another note, who’s watching the Bachelorette? Any favorites? I am rooting for Arie, Jef and Sean!!!


Instagram Update!

We just got back from our 2 week jaunt in France a few days ago. It’s been a whirlwind unpacking and getting the kids and myself over jetlag but it feels great to be home! I will eventually post on France but in the meantime, a few photos from instagram. Oh and I lost my iphone in Paris so it will be a few weeks before I’m posting on instagram again.
Stowaways! A and my nephew, C. Oh and I did pick up a little something at the Celine store in Paris so will share more on that later. :)

A stroll after feasting on oysters in Bouzigues, where they grow oysters. Supposedly, this is where the oyster culture originated and they’re supposed to be the best oysters in France. We couldn’t agree more. Yumm!!

My sister and my mom waiting for fresh cheese at the weekly market in L’isle sur la Sorgue (the tiny town we stayed at in Provence).

Wine tasting at Chateauneuf du Pape (kind of like the napa valley of Provence) with a baby ergo’d to me. Completely acceptable behavior in France…nobody gave me a second glance!

We had lunch at this castle in Chateauneuf du Pape. It was out of a dream. A was so excited to be going home to her castle.

A, in her Rapunzel dress that we just had to pack all the way to France. She loved pretending to be Rapunzel on this ledge of the house we rented.

I have hundreds of pics to go through and will update with more pics soon!