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Minty Green Denim

J.Crew sweater  |  Mackage jacket  |  Forever21 jeans  |  J.Crew shoes  |  Goyard bag
I was very pregnant when everyone was wearing bright red and blue denim last year and I watched on the sidelines with envy. This year, I’m loving all the pastel colored denim for spring and I can finally partake in the trend! Forever21 is the perfect destination for colored denim since you’ll likely only get 1-2 seasons out of them. These had a great fit, great hue and even greater price at $15!
I paired the minty green jeans with a darker top and jacket to anchor the look and avoid looking like a 6 year old. 
Did you get into the whole colored denim trend?


ab massager belt

Black Tie Ball

I rented this dress from Rent the Runway for Hubby’s ball this year. I didn’t get the dress until 2 days before the ball and was so nervous it would be too long or too tight or not as cute as in the pictures.  Luckily, it fit and was so pretty in person! I was a little uncomfortable wearing such a tight fitting dress, despite my hard working undergarments (it starts with an s and ends with an x…wink wink) especially since I haven’t lost all my baby weight. Also, we were running late when we were leaving so I didn’t get a chance to take these pics until we got back home 7 hours later so I apologize if my hair and makeup are looking a hot mess!

My mother-in-law insisted that both kids sleep over so we could enjoy our evening. It was the first time being away from D overnight and hubby and my first night out together since D was born. 

We stayed until the very end of the ball, went to Mickey D’s for a midnight snack (classy, I know) and finally got home close to 2 am. I was exhausted and ready to burst (nursing moms will know what I mean!!)

It was a fun evening and I was so proud of hubby who got recognized and won several prizes for his achievements in 2011. At the end of the day, who cares what I looked like, right? I was there to support the hubs and celebrate a great year together!