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Lara Miller Event

I got to attend a fun event last week. It was held at local designer, Lara Miller’s studio.

In my Lara Miller look, posing with Lara Miller!
Loved her knits and almost everything could be worn in multiple ways!

We were asked to browse through all her collections and style a look to be photographed. They will eventually choose their favorite looks for the Lara Miller 2012 look book.

I did not have the right shoes, accessories or figure (still need to lose those pesky 10 lbs!) but I got into it anyway and put something together. I skipped hair and makeup and went straight to photography so I could just as quickly, get out of the clothes and on to the mingling.

There was plenty of food, prosecco and molly’s cupcakes to keep my hands and mouth busy while I chitchatted with the ladies.
Food, drinks and clothes…my idea of a good time!

Sneak Peek: Black Tie Look!

 Hubby’s company’s black tie ball is coming up tomorrow!
Last year, you helped me pick the right length, dress and hair and I ended up in this look.

Here’s a sneak peek of this year’s dress.
I love the watercolor-esque print and the whisper thin layers of fabric.

More pics to come after the weekend!

Leopard Denim Look of the Day!

Club Monaco top  |  Blazer from Korea  |  S.O.N.G. leopard jeans  |  Modern Vintage pumps
I took the leopard jeans out for a spin last night to attend the Lara Miller event. I kept the rest of my look very clean and ladylike to balance out the wild print on the jeans. I would have much preferred to have a slim fitting top under the blazer, probably tucked in with a classic belt, but unfortunately my post postpartum belly is not slim fitting top ready quite yet.
Hubby snapped these pics as I was rushing out the door. A, who was watching me get ready asked for this long silver necklace. She proceeded to wrap it around and around her wrist and then asked me if I liked her bracelets. I guess she was inspired by my wrist candy. Then, she wanted to get in the pictures so of course, I obliged. Isn’t her dress adorable? My mom brought it from Korea and I kinda want one for myself!

Leopard Denim
So I’ve been kind of obsessed with Current/Elliott’s leopard stiletto jeans. But paying $198 for leopard printed anything is a little excessive for me. I searched high and low for an affordable alternative and I was so excited when I finally came across a decent budget option. Especially because most of the cheaper pairs I found were awful!

Spotted at the Juniors section of Nordstrom were these skinnies in the faded, subtle style I was after. These retail for $58 and actually fit pretty well. I can’t wait to wear them out!

Baby Must Have’s

 I had pretty much everything I needed for Baby D leftover from Baby A but I did purchase a couple more things that came highly recommended to me. These are some of my fave new products that I can’t live without!
I know, I know…$60 for a changing pad is insane but hear me out. This is definitely not a need but if you can afford the splurge, you will not regret it. This changing pad is made of laminated cotton so it’s easy to wipe clean but has some padding so very comfortable for your baby to lay on. Also, the best part is the circular shape. With A, I hated changing her diaper in public bathrooms with her narrow rectangular changing pad. No matter how careful I was, her little arm or leg would touch the dirty surfaces! Also, this pad is great for laying the baby out to play at the park, on wood floors, or after a bath. I use this every time I give D a bath. The Patemm has pockets along the perimeter to store diapers, wipes, aquaphor, etc so everything you need is right here. It also doesn’t have any zippers or buttons so you can easily open and close it with one hand. I know of 2 other people that have this and all 3 of us absolutely love it and swear by it!! I highly, highly recommend!
2. White Noise Lite App
I use this app all the time! When D is looking drowsy, I give her a pacifier and turn this app on and she puts herself into a deep sleep and won’t get woken up by A, or a firetruck or anything else.
A friend told me about this just a month prior to me having D. I was a huge fan of the Aden + Anais swaddles with A and was skeptical. Plus, it was $25 for just 1 swaddle which is pretty pricey. After hearing my friend rave about it and reading amazing reviews, I decided to try it out. I have used the woombie pretty much every single day since D was born. The fabric hugs the baby without making them feel confined. No more issues with swaddles unraveling! Also, it’s just so simple to put on. I remember trying to swaddle A in the middle of the night, bleary eyed and exhausted and the swaddle would come out too short so I would have to start all over. With the woombie, I zip and put her back in the bassinet. Too easy!
What are some of your favorite baby products?

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