2012 Year In Review

I’m a little delayed in getting this post up but I’m a mom first and a Real Housewives addict second. Why is Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Miami (and now the Bachelor) all airing simultaneously….I can’t keep up.

2012 has been such a memorable year. I started the year with a newborn, 20 lbs to lose and still reeling from the adjustment to 2 kids. Throughout the year, I fell helplessly in love with my chunky monkey D, I became comfortable at balancing life with 2 girls, and once in awhile, I even had time to get dolled up and post about fashion on this blog.

Thank you so much to those of you that still follow this blog and my journey. Please connect with me on instagram as I’m most active there.



  1. Anonymous says:

    helplessly? you mean hopelessly? haha I guess either one works bc your chunky monkey is so cute!

  2. Lovely outfits! It sounds like you had a fun and love filled year. I’m with you on being a Real Housewives addict!

  3. love every outfit!!!! xO!

  4. Cute;) love pics of kids. Cute looks Jiye


  5. go you sexy momma!

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