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Recent Look: Silk Shorts

On Mommy: Gap t-shirt & blazer, Madewell shorts & sandals, J.Crew and Hermes bracelets, Goyard bag
On A: Gingersnaps top, Target leggings, Salt-water sandals

I had the chance to check out a Madewell store when I was out in LA. Visiting the store (instead of just shopping online) made me love the brand even more! I ended up buying stuff for next summer too, in the hopes that I’ll lose all the baby weight by then.

Do you ever buy clothes that are too small to force yourself to lose weight?


Happy Birthday Appa!

My dad turned 60 in April and none of us kids were there to celebrate with him. My brother and I live in Chicago, my sister lives in Singapore and my parents in the Philippines. We promised him a celebration when we all gathered in Maui in May. This is how we celebrated his birthday…
We had a limo pick them up from our resort and take them to the airport for a helicopter ride around Maui.
The limo then dropped them off at Sarrento’s on the Beach, where we were waiting at a private table overlooking the beach. My dad really appreciates a good view and eating outdoors so it was perfect!

The entire group! My bro-in-law couldn’t make the trip due to work obligations and he was definitely missed!

Just as we were finishing up our dinner, the sun began to set. So beautiful!

Singing happy birthday! Too bad A blew out his candles before he could get to them!
After months of wondering what to get our dad, he actually helped us out and said he could use a casual watch. We got him the Cartier Santos with carbon strap and he loved it! Yay!

 One last surprise at the end of the night: a slideshow. I think there were almost tears! Almost!

Watch the slideshow here!

A few months before my dad’s birthday, a friend of mine mentioned that she and her sister got their mom a Mercedes Benz for her 60th birthday. I felt so defeated. Was that what his friends were getting from their kids? Would whatever we planned be a huge letdown? Could we come up with a night that was meaningful and memorable?

In the end, we just thought of the things my dad really loves…spending time with my mom, our family, reliving old memories (slideshow), adventure (helicopter ride), amazing views (dinner on the beach) and put together a night involving all of those elements. I think he really had a memorable night and we were so happy to see him take it all in. Happy Birthday Appa!

Have you had to plan a milestone birthday for anyone special? Any ideas? My mom’s is coming up in a few years…

My Modest Collection


Did I do that??

sarah and abraham bowls and plates

Maui Memories…

lunch at Mama’s Fish House
lots of pretty photo ops!
fun times at the pool!
sisters & cousins spending time~

playing in the sand

cousins reunited!

A made it up onstage during the luau but froze once up there!

the view from our condo (Honua Kai Resort and Spa)

Ululani shaved ice….sooo good!

The Maui leg of our trip was so relaxing. We spent our time playing in the beach/pools, eating at all the restaurants on my google doc (Yes, I make spreadsheets for my trips!) and just spending time with the family. We all agreed that we would love to come back sometime soon! Where’s a place you could go back to year after year?