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Dressy Bump Style

I received the dress I rented from Rent The Runway the day before the wedding. It was risky so I bought a back up dress just in case it wouldn’t fit. The package arrived with a garment bag containing both dresses in plastic dry clean bags. There were 2 dresses because Rent The Runway sends you a second size at no additional cost to help with sizing issues.
After reading reviews, I rented sizes 1 and 2 of this Yigal Azrouel dress. Size 1 ended up being a good fit as it runs quite large.

I kept the accessories simple with hoop earrings, 2 crystal bangles and the flap bag. My orange nails did not really go with the look but am loving this fun color for the season!

Have not been able to stop eating as of late and got scolded at my last doctor’s appointment for putting on too much weight. Any tips for eating less and healthier during pregnancy when you’re constantly starving?

Big holiday weekend coming up! Any big plans? I have several friends coming into town so it will be busy but I’m definitely looking forward to it.


Now Reading…

Kyung-Sook Shin is a popular novelist in Korea and this is her first book to be translated into English. I started reading it on the flight to Maui last month and hubbie woke up to me sobbing heavily into the kindle. I will say, in true Korean fashion (you’ll know what I mean if you follow Korean dramas), it is very melodramatic and over the top. Nevertheless, I got into the story and the characters and laughed and cried along with them. 
I’m currently reading “Dreams of Joy” by Lisa See. It’s the sequel to her novel “Shanghai Girls” that I blogged about here. I’m about a quarter through and so far, it’s been intriguing reading about Joy’s journey to Communist China in the 1950’s.

Have you read any good books lately? I have nothing lined up for when I’m done with this book and I’m always looking for the next good read! Help!

Oh and we found out we’re expecting another girl! I’m excited because I’m really close to my sister and always wanted A to have a sister as well. And I don’t need to buy new clothes!

Wedding Season

I normally love getting dolled up for weddings but it’s hard to get excited about dressing up when you’re carrying an extra 20 lbs around. We have a wedding coming up this weekend and I’m still not sure what to wear! 
I bought a Groupon to Rent The Runway (an online dress rental company) last year and used it to rent something for this upcoming wedding. It was hard to find something that could work with a huge bump. I ended up renting this Yigal Azrouel dress. I really wanted the teal version but they didn’t have my size.
The thing is…I don’t get the dress until the day before the wedding and there’s a good chance it won’t fit right, especially with my huge bump!
I might have to run out and get a back up dress just in case the Yigal doesn’t work out. Can anyone recommend any good dresses that are still cute and don’t scream maternity?


On Mommy: Splendid top, Target denim maternity shorts that I made into cutoffs, Cynthia Vincent sandals (a warehouse sale find!), Goyard bag, J.Crew and Hermes bracelets
On A: Gingersnaps top, Gymboree shorts, Crocs
I live in cut off shorts all summer long. I was excited to find these denim maternity shorts at Target. To make cut off shorts, just cut to length and throw in the washing machine. Trim the excess fray and you’re good to go. For a more distressed look, rub sandpaper on the denim. I’ve read you should stitch above the fray to make sure it doesn’t keep fraying and get shorter and shorter but I haven’t had issues with my other cut off shorts yet!

One of my go-to summer meals is a grilled chicken and veggie kabob served with couscous. I found this recipe here and it is about as easy as they come. All the ingredients for the marinade are things that I always have on hand so all I have to do is pick up some chicken, veggies and couscous mix (yes, I use a boxed mix!) and I’m set for dinner! I took this picture with 2 kabobs to make it look visually appealing but I’ll admit, I had 7 of these bad boys. I’ve been eating equal or more than hubbie as of late. Take an already hearty appetite and add pregnancy to the mix and I’m unstoppable. 
What are your go to summertime looks and eats? Please share~

Field trip to Madewell

I squealed when I caught sight of the Madewell store at South Coast Plaza. I’ve ordered here and there from their website but always wanted to visit a store.
I seriously fell in love with so many pieces and stared longingly at all the cinched waist looks that I would have to wait till post-pregnancy to wear. Loved all the prints and the pops of color (yellow and jewel tones!). They had really cute shoes and jewelry as well! Between my mom, sister and I, I think we tried on everything in the store crammed into the big changing room.
A knew how much mommy wanted to browse and fell asleep in her stroller for over an hour right when we got to Madewell.
Big news Chicagoans!! I just heard today that Madewell is finally making it’s ways to our windy city! They’re taking over the Starbucks on Rush Street. Yay!!!

Question: If you had to choose one, J.Crew or Madewell? I love them both but if I had to choose, I would say Madewell!