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30th Birthday Part 1

 I blogged about turning 30 here and wanted to update with some pics of the day. Little A sang happy birthday to me about 35 times in the course of the week. She loves singing happy birthday and then blowing out the candle. Here we are at grandma’s where she slept for the night.

Met up with some girlfriends for lunch. Bubbly in the middle of the day? Why not? It is my birthday!

Back with hubbie, we checked into the Elysian. They upgraded us to a suite for my birthday! I loved the dramatic black doors, the textured wallpaper, and the gorgeous crystal chandeliers everywhere!

On our staycation last year, the Wit hotel sent us up a bottle of champagne. This year, a yummy dessert!

Relaxing after lunch. Not used to bubbly in the middle of the day..

The room was beautiful and quite large!

The bathrooms were exquisite. I wish I could show you the tile work on the floor in the center of the bathroom. It was amazing! I love the white lines against the dark wood.

Yes, you just saw this outfit yesterday. I wore it again. Why not? It is my birthday!

Hubbie and I spent the rest of the afternoon strolling on Michigan, shopping. He detests shopping so this was such a nice treat for me! Then, he surprised me with massages at a spa! He knows I die for massages. What a sweet hubbie!
More pics to come tomorrow of the rest of our night…

What’s something you love to do that your sig-o detests? Share your stories!

Mommy & Me Christmas Look

On Mommy: J.Crew sequin skirt, shirt and sweatshirt, Linea Pelle belt, Aldo boots
On A: hilarious holiday dress and too large coat! Had to put the dress on her sometime!

Wore this to Christmas service at Church. A and the other little kiddies performed 2 songs. It was all very cute until A decided to lift up her dress and flash everyone mid-Jingle Bells. I know all too well what it’s like to freeze on stage…

Flashback: The year was 1994. I was 13 years old. I had made the cut for the school talent show and was excited to sing my grown up song (Again by Janet Jackson). A few days before the show, I was told I couldn’t do “Again” because the lyrics were too mature. I was given “My Favorite Things” (The Sound of Music) to sing. Then, my mom insisted I wear a frilly, pouffy dress. I felt awful backstage. It was social suicide singing such a wholesome song in such a babyish dress but what I could I do? I walked onto stage and my eyes locked with the popular girls (2 in particular) who had auditioned for the show and not made it. They were sitting there, front row, arms crossed with a “show us what you got” look in their eyes. The piano started playing…
“raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..

My eyes went wide, I had no idea what came next! For the next 2 minutes, I stood up there in my white, pouffy dress trying desperately to read my music teacher’s lips. Once in awhile, I would get in a word..

“…packages…strings!…these are a few of my favorite things…..dresses…..”

I ran backstage once the music stopped and cried for hours. That night, I begged and begged for my parents to let me transfer schools. But, I somehow made it back to school and survived the experience.

Do you have any super embarrassing stories to share? I’d love to hear!!