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Feeling discouraged…

It’s been about 5 months since I decided to take this blog seriously and by that, I mean posting 5 days a week. It’s been so much fun getting to know you all and I’m still in disbelief everyday that people seem to enjoy reading this! You like me…you really really like me! :) Yes, I’m a middle child and need affirmation! :)

But, I have to confess that recently, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the blogging and have contemplated many times giving this site up altogether. I’ve come across so many incredible fashion bloggers and they leave me feeling inspired, but also inadequate. Does anyone else feel this way?

Anywhoo, I’ve decided to scale back to posting 3 days a week. Hope you’ll continue to support me and this lil blog!

Mommies in Heels?

On Mommy: Theory jacket, Anthropologie scarf, EmersonMade jeans, Aritzia top, Cole Haan shoes, Louis Vuitton bag
On A: Gap jacket, sweater and leggings, Target boots

This was the first time in a long time (several months at least) that I wore heels while I was out with A. I was so uncomfortable all day! I don’t mind wearing 3..4..5 inch heels when I’m out to dinner with the hubbie or to drinks with the girls, but when I’m with little A, I absolutely hate being in heels. I see moms in heels with their toddlers all the time…how do they do it?

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants

I’ve been wanting to try the Williams-Sonoma croissants but at $39.95 (for 15), I’m waiting for a special occasion. After hearing this, a friend picked up a box of Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants for me. At $3.99 (for 4), it’s more affordable and she found out that pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon is the man behind BOTH the WS and TJ’s croissants! I’m assuming the WS ones are still better because they wouldn’t get away with charging so much otherwise. Ooh…I sense a blind taste test in the future…
As instructed, I took the croissants out of the box the night before. The next morning, they had grown to triple the size it had been! A quick egg wash and into the oven for 20 minutes…

and VOILA! These were perfectly buttery and flaky and better than pretty much any croissant I’ve had at a bakery (of course it helped that it was fresh out of the oven!) I had one (fine two!) with my green tea for breakfast on Saturday and cannot wait to get to TJ’s to buy more. 

Has anyone tried either the WS or TJ’s or both??

Mix & Match: Feminine & Masculine Details

On Mommy: Aritzia lace top, Gap boyfriend blazer, J Brand jeans, Pour La Victoire boots, Louis Vuitton bag, Hermes & J.Crew bracelets, Cartier watch, Nashelle necklace and earrings
On A: Gap dress, shirt & tights, Gingersnaps shoes
There are those boots again! Some of you commented that you liked the black stripe on the boot. It’s actually a double wrapped black belt. I like that it adds a bit flair to the otherwise simple boot but I’m also glad it’s removable. Love the versatility…kind of reminds me of those watches from back in the day with the interchangeable straps and covers. Anyone know what I’m talking about?
I was giving A a bath the morning I took these pics and since she loves playing in the tub forever, I decided to curl my hair instead of my usual activity (reading US Weekly). As you can tell, I only watch and read the highest caliber of media. I’m waiting to grow out my hair so I can have Kardashian worthy waves down to my waist. Although I’ll probably only have the time and patience to curl it every 6 months or so.

I paired this feminine top with a boyfriend blazer. I love how the lace looks next to the prep school buttons and also love the texture lace brings to the look.

Moving on…who saw Real Housewives of BH last night?? Camille doesn’t even seem that sad about Kelsey. I like how she was cheerily discussing dress options when Kelsey walked in. Oh and love Kyle even more. Wondering how many zeros were on that check to Farrah…

What’s in my bag?

– Louis Vuitton Epi leather wallet, planner (yes, I still use a paper planner!), and key & coin holder. I’m a huge fan of LV’s epi leather! I’ve had canvas wallets from Fendi and Gucci and nylon ones from Prada and w/o fail, they would all fall apart after one year of wear and tear! This is the one wallet that has lasted over four years already in pristine condition.

LeSportSac makeup bag (holds chapstick, tylenol, loccitane hand cream, hair ties)
snack catcher with whole wheat bunnies
A’s sigg bottle: After going through every sippy & straw cup out there and having them all leak into my bag, I finally got her the sigg. Love it!
– Louis Vuitton neverfull handbag: I used to be such a bag hag but now that I’m toting A around, I carry this bag 99% of the time. I love how it’s huge and truly never full!

Now, I’d love to see what you have in your bags! This is my first time doing this linky link thing! Pls link up and share the contents of your bag!

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