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A Cinderella Evening

5/48 by Saks dress, sterling silver evening bag my mom got me in Thailand (similar one here), Francesca’s crystal hoop earrings, double strand pearl bracelet that my mother-in-law made for my wedding, Stuart Weitzman sandals
 I love the look of a strapless dress with no necklace and big earrings. I did the same thing for my wedding day. So I went in search of really dramatic drop earrings but everything I liked was too pricey and everything affordable looked too cheap so I stuck with these big crystal hoop earrings I already had.
I was excited to finally have an occasion to bust out this ornate handcrafted sterling silver evening bag (similar one here). My mom got it for me years ago when she traveled to Thailand and I’ve been waiting to use it. My only complaint would be how tiny it is! It contained my phone, id and lipgloss and that’s about all it could hold!
It was such a fun evening and so lovely to finally meet all the coworkers (and their wives!) that hubbie’s been talking about for months! Thanks to you guys for helping me choose the right length (90% of the wives were in floor length gowns), the right dress, and the right hair style! Where would I be without you??


Theory coat, J.Crew skirt, Banana Republic sweater, Members Only booties, Balenciaga bag, J.Crew necklace

I love sequins on anything these days. I think the key to wearing them without looking like you’re headed to a new years eve party all over again is to downplay it with something casual or preppy. I paired this sequin skirt with a super soft, slouchy sweater to downplay the sparkle. Click here to see the skirt worn preppy.

I really wanted to get the sequin jacket from Gap but it felt too dramatic and glam for my lifestyle. Love it though! Did you jump on the sequin bandwagon?  

Oh and hubbie’s black tie event is coming up tomorrow! I finally get to wear the dress you all voted on here. I’m debating on hair up or down…what do you think?

WhoWhatWear’s Style Circle

I got this in my inbox a couple of days ago. Yay! Being in the Style Circle gets you free swag, event invites, insider announcements and the ability to contribute to so if you haven’t yet, sign up!!

Recent Look: Chicago Food Tour

On Mommy: Aritzia sweater, American Eagle vest, J Brand jeans, Aldo boots, Hermes and J.Crew bracelets, Tag Heuer watch
On A: Northface fleece, Old Navy pants

My cousins were visiting from LA this past weekend and we ate our way through Chicago. Buffalo Joe’s wings, Jim’s polish, Gino’s East deep dish pizza (their request), Avec and Hot Dougs (pictured below).
Yes, that is foie gras on that hot dog.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy any of the specialty hot dogs that much. I liked all the regular hot dogs best! What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? And did you enjoy it?

My Little Yogi

bicycle crunches to tone up those abs

check out that plank!

downward facing dog

I was feeling guilty after a gluttonous week but too lazy to go to the gym so I turned on a yoga dvd. A is at that stage when she loves to mimic my every move. She got really into it. I was laughing so hard taking pictures of her and I never did end up finishing that video. Oh well. 
Oh and thank you all so much for your sweet comments, emails, fb messages on the last post. I was really touched by how many people came out of the woodwork to encourage me. Grazie!!