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Chicago Parent Panel: December Issue

I’m part of the Parent Panel at Chicago Parent Magazine. Every month, we’re given a controversial question to answer. I’ve been posting the questions here each month to hear what you all have to say.
This month’s question was:
With the economy still sluggish, many families cannot afford as many holiday gifts this year. How do you let the kids know without ruining the holiday?
My response was:
I would wrap activities that we could enjoy together. A box of brownies we could bake (and devour), a map to a hiking trail to explore, a tie dye kit and a shirt.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Recent Look: Sweatshirt + Frilly Skirt

This skirt (also seen here) is very frilly so I paired it with a very casual, very slouchy, off the shoulder sweatshirt.  The motorcycle boots, studded bracelet, and the bag’s chain handles add just a hint of rocker vibe to the look, while still keeping it feminine and pretty.
I am naturally drawn to very girly, very ruffly pieces. If I didn’t add some slouchy, edgy pieces into my look, I’d probably look like an 8 year old girl on Easter and be loving it. What looks are you naturally drawn to? Feminine? Androgynous? Classic? Edgy? 

Recent Look: Meet The Parents

I snapped this quick pic of my parents before they headed off to some event. My mom looked beautiful in her Elie Tahari dress and J.Crew necklace (both personal shopper items I purchased for her in July.) I felt like Rachel Zoe watching Demi Moore walk the red carpet. She killed it! :)
Speaking of Rachel Zoe, she has the best job ever! How fun would it be to dress A-list celebrities for the Oscars?? And I’m so happy for her that she’s prego! Oh and speaking of, is anyone else watching Giuliana and Bill? It’s heartbreaking to watch her struggle to conceive and honestly, so brave of her to share her story so publicly. I really hope she gets pregnant soon!

Recent Look: Fair Isle Sweater

After searching for months, I finally found a fair isle sweater I liked at Zara. I like the cozy color palette and the roomy fit. It’s a great sweater to throw on when running around with A because it’s comfortable, warm and on trend. My favorite part are the suede elbow patches! I already liked the sweater on the rack, but once I saw the elbow patches, I was sold!
A wanted to take a pic together on this stool. Here she is in her Gap parka and Old Navy boots.

BTW…a shoutout to Sydney from The Daybook for her tutorial on the bun hairdo I’m sporting. I already wore my hair in a bun a lot prior to watching this but she had some good tips in there that were helpful! Plus, who doesn’t love her blog?

So…what’s an item you’ve been searching for? A sequin skirt? A statement necklace? A shearling lined leather jacket (a la Burberry Prorsum)? Any luck? Share your stories!!

Meeting Santa

Michael by Michael Kors top, J Brand jeans, Gap city flats, Louis Vuitton handbag
I was so excited when I spotted Santa at the mall in Manila. I picked A up and ran over to him (she never met him last year). The whole time we were waiting, she was smiling and waving at him (even though he was ignoring her) but when it was our turn to take a pic, she literally FREAKED out! She was grabbing onto my shirt so tightly and her legs were clutching onto my sides. So I decided to leave and about 4 steps out, she completely calmed down and yelled “Buh-bye!!” while waving and smiling. Is it just me or do all toddlers have bipolar tendencies??