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Recent Look: Grandad Shirt + Bandage Mini

I found this shirt at Topshop while I was in Manila. I love the oversized (borrowed from grandpa look) with the casually rolled up sleeves. Tucked into my favorite bandage mini and paired with flats, the look is youthful and relaxed.
I am sadly no longer in this tropical location (Philippines) but am currently back in chilly Chicago. I still have a few more updates I didn’t get to post from when I was in Manila so I will be posting those this week. These pics were taken at my parents’ condo in Manila. Their pool is amazing!!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend! I didn’t end up doing any Black Friday shopping (gasp!) but spent lots of quality time reconnecting with my family and friends. What was the highlight of your holiday weekend?

Something New: Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet

My first orange bag…
 that held my first orange box…
 that held a rich, velvet dust cover…

 that held my first Hermes H bracelet (aka clic clac bracelet)!!!

Shown here on my arm with a Bvlgari emerald and diamond ring passed down to me from my mom.
My sister and my mom both have the black and gold clic clacs and I went back and forth between all the different colors before settling on orange. I think I love it.
What’s something you splurged on that you did not regret one bit? :) Oh and did this post remind anyone else of the children’s poem “In the dark, dark room…”?

Be right back!

Hello! I just got back to Chicago this morning. I’m attempting to unpack and get the house back in order while being jetlagged (not to mention caring for a very jetlagged toddler.) I’ll be back on Monday, if not sooner!

Happy thanksgiving to you all!! Is anyone planning to shop the sales this year? I’m considering an ipad. Anyone have one? Likes? Dislikes?

Recent Look: Stripes + My Favorite Mini

J.Crew sweater vest and belt, Anthropologie camisole, Aritzia mini, Gap city flats, Chloe bag, Nashelle earrings and necklace, turquoise bracelet (from the Philippines)
I bought this sweater vest for my mom (when I personal shopped for her in July) but she didn’t end up wearing it much. So, she offered it to me the other day. Why thank you kindly!
I paired the vest with my favorite, super versatile bandage mini from Aritzia. I got the skirt in a size 6 (I normally wear a 2) so it wouldn’t be skin tight a la Herve Leger. This way, it’s not as offensive when worn in the daytime, it’s more lenient on your undergarments, and a lot more comfortable!
There she is again! Isn’t Ethel cute?
I really couldn’t be bothered to blow dry my hair most days so I’m usually sporting some kind of bun or ponytail. Here’s the messy side bun I’ve been wearing a lot as of late.

 Have you ever given a gift only to take it back later? I want to hear your stories!

A typical day here in Manila

I’ve been here in Manila visiting family for the last week or so. A typical day consists of swimming with A in the morning and doing something fun during her nap in the afternoon.
Swimming! On the left, you can see my nephew, C (2 months old!) and swimming! My sister got this inflatable neck float made specifically for infants. It goes around their necks and they’re free to move their arms and legs in the water. He absolutely loves it in the water!
My A and I were in matching hot pink polka dot bikinis but you can’t really see mine here.

And here’s my something fun for the day. A was napping so I walked over to the spa a block away for a luxurious 60 minute swedish massage for the equivalent of US $20. LOVE how spa treatments are soo cheap here. Here I am, sweating it out at the sauna beforehand with my new favorite book in tow.

My something fun (while I’m visiting my parents in Manila) is usually either lunch, shopping or the spa. Back to reality in Chicago, my something fun while A naps is watching Oprah or catching up on blogs.  What’s something you like to do for fun?