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Chicago Gourmet 2010

We were so excited for Chicago Gourmet this past Sunday. It’s basically a huge food festival with famous chefs (Cat Cora, Rick Bayless, etc) and food tastings (Top Chef style).  We had gone to the Green City Market BBQ last year and loved every moment of gluttony it had to offer.  We thought Chicago Gourmet would be even better and splurged on the tickets. 
Unfortunately, it was a huge letdown!  The great majority of the booths were liquor, wine and beer tastings. The food tastings were in pavilions with ridiculous lines! Oh well, you live you learn! It was still a cool experience, but not worth the money. Here’s a photo recap…
 Mini Blue Moons! Blue Moon on the right and their pumpkin beer on the left. Yumm!
Tons of wine stations that we couldn’t really frequent because we were always in line for some food pavilion 
Snapping a quick pic while waiting in line. The event took place in beautiful Millennium Park with our skyline as the backdrop!
The first and one of the best things we tasted. Coq au Vin!
Gibsons filet sliders & crab salad!
L20 & Sunda’s shrimp dishes
Trio of desserts
Purple pig sliders, Porchetta sliders (so good!), and some other unidentifiable dishes.
Millennium Park
Aritzia fatigue jacket & lace tank, J Brand jeans, Aldo Brendal boots, Balenciaga Part Time bag
What’s something you splurged on that you regretted later?


A couple of weeks ago, I took some pictures using my self-timer for this blog post.  I think A was only there for maybe 1 or 2 of the pictures but the girl must have a good memory…

So we were just playing the other morning when she found my camera.  She proceeded to do this.  At first, I wasn’t sure what she was doing but then, it became pretty clear. Can you guess what she is doing?

Monkey See, Monkey Do, I guess. What are some funny imitations that your kids do?

A Tucker (for Target) STEAL!!!

I was at Target last week and of course, strolled past the Tucker section.  I was excited to see a blouse in the diamond print I’ve been searching for.  There was only 1 and it was in my size! I didn’t even check the price tag or try it on, I knew I would be getting it.
Later on at check out, I noticed a red sticker while my blouse was being scanned.
Beep…and the price appeared. $7.56!! Apparently, it was a returned online only item so since they didn’t sell it at the store, they marked it down to $7.56 from $29.99!! Can you sense how excited I was? :)
Here it is!! Love it!
Tucker for Target blouse, Paige denim cutoffs, Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges
A in Gap gingham dress, Target metallic sandals
What’s something you got a crazy deal on that has you smiling to this day? :)

Recent Look: Leopard Love!

Luxuriously soft and comfy, and so pretty in the muted greys and pinks!

They’re basically extra thick leggings with the 5 pocket style to resemble jeans. I don’t know if it’s just me but the fact that it has a zipper and pockets make me feel like it’s less offensive when i wear a shorter top with them. 
After buying and returning so many pairs of motorcycle boots for the last year, I finally found a pair I love! These have been seen on Cameron Diaz, Avril Lavigne, and Kristen Stewart. I overlooked Aldo for years thinking they were such cheapy shoes but they actually have a lot of on trend, decently made, not too pricey shoes!
This sweater and boots are actually making me look forward to fall! What are you dying to bust out for fall?

Snip snip + an oldie but goodie!

I jumped on the big shoulder trend back in the spring. I bought the shirt from ZARA and loved the contrast of the casual t-shirt with the drama of the shoulder pads and the sequins. Unfortunately, the shoulder pads on top of my already sizable shoulders gave me the physique of a linebacker (not the look I was going for.) So, a few days ago, I decided to cut the shoulder pads off and voila! So much more wearable and flattering!

The remains. RIP linebacker look!
 Zara t-shirt, Paige denim cutoffs (a Nordstrom Rack find!), Martin & Osa snakeskin sandals, Prada mini backpack circa 2001.
I was thrilled to see that backpacks (think dainty, not sporty) are coming back in style! I used to carry this backpack around to classes almost 10 years ago (oh gosh, has it really been that long?) when I was in college.  So what if my books didn’t fit inside? At least I looked cute! ;)  I used to sell a lot of my old bags on ebay so I’m glad I had the foresight to save this one. Especially as a mom on the go, carrying a backpack and being hands free sounds very appealing!
What did you save from back in the day that you are totally loving now?