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Fashionable diaper bags….is that an oxymoron?

Since A’s arrival, all my precious handbags have been stored away and in their place is dun dun dun…the diaper bag. It just doesn’t make sense to carry both a diaper bag and a separate handbag. Lucky for me, a dear friend from Mia Bossi gifted me with the Reese bag in blueberry. This is about as nice as you can get for a diaper bag!

But since I will be pretty much exclusively using my diaper bag for the next, oh 5 years or so…I decided I need some other options as well. Just like how we have different handbags to go with different outfits…I need different diaper bags. Now, Miabossi is about as good as it gets in terms of diaper bags…so I had to venture out to non-diaper bag land.

Here are my top 2 choices for now…

1. Goyard St. Louis GM

+ very lightweight
+ durable material (can throw around w/o worrying)

– no zipper closure!
– not sure about bright colors but don’t like how the black looks

My favorite is the white but not an option since it will get dirty quickly as a diaper bag.

My other favorite colors are orange and blue but wondering if I’ll get sick of the bright colors.

2. YSL downtown tote

+ large and purty!
+ zipper closure

– heavy leather and hardware!
– I’d be nervous about getting the leather wet or damaged
So help! Which do you think is the better option? and if you chose the goyard, what color is your favorite?


Cork Board Project

Awhile ago, I bought a plain cork board from the Container Store to tack up odds and ends like invitations or bills that needed to be paid. It was such an eyesore that I decided to try my hand at a simple DIY cork board makeover. This is honestly soo easy and anyone can do it!

You start with a plain corkboard and paint the wooden frame white. If I had to buy my own paint, I would have bought high gloss white paint to make it pop even more. I just ended up using leftover white paint we had from when we first moved in.

Next, you measure out the cork board and cut out that exact amount of your favorite wrapping/decorative paper. Use permanent double sided tape to attach the paper to the cork.


After I completed mine and tacked things up, I realized a more simple, repetitive print in 1 or 2 colors would have made a bigger impact. Here are some examples of paper that would work great! The first is a Wooster & Prince paper sold on paper mojo and the second is from paper source.

If you decide to tackle this DIY, please send me before and after pictures so I can post them up! :)

Valentino: the last emperor

I finally got to see the Valentino documentary last night and it was fantastic! I was completely captivated by the meticulous process of creating a Valentino masterpiece, starting from just an idea in his mind all the way through to the runway show.

The movie was a fascinating glimpse into Valentino’s life…the dresses, the villas/chateaus/yachts, the 5 perfect pugs, the celebrities, fashion shows, and even the business side of the industry.

But, at the core of it all, this movie was a sweet love story about Valentino and his business partner of 45 years, Giancarlo.

It is a must see!!!

What to save, what to toss…

The outfit on the left is from shopbop and currently retails for about $350. The picture on the right is me from last summer wearing a top from a “clothing swap” party and cutoff jeans I made over 5 years ago in college. You never know when things will come back in style!

Onesies…for grown women

Ever since I saw this picture on The Sartorialist back in 2007, I have been OBSESSED with rompers/jumpsuits/onesies. Rompers can come off very juvenile and contrived but she just looks so effortlessly chic. Last summer, I searched high and low for a cute, affordable romper and finally settled on one from Urban Outfitters that was just okay.

This year, the trend is back and there are a lot more options out there!

Rag and Bone Teddy Romper $450 (
This is the more glamorous side to rompers. I love the color and subtle detailing.

Urban Outfitters Onesie $68
Military trend at play here with a flattering fit.

Forever21 Denim Romper $29.80
I would switch up the belt here to a leather one to break up the monotony. Actually, I would probably add my own belt to each of these rompers.

I have my eye on one that I’m planning to get next week and then, Baby A and Mommy will be rocking the onesie together!